Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Road Trip Mix: Thanksgiving Break

  • Dark Blue- Jack's Mannequin
  • Your Guardian Angel- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Uptown Girl- Billy Joel
  • Darling Buds of May- Viva Brother
  • Back Against the Wall- Cage the Elephant
  • Loser- Beck
  • My Own Worst Enemy- Lit
  • Crystallised- The xx

Let it roll, from California to my home sweet home.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to another splendid night of blogging brought to you by yours truly. I am terrible at keeping a constant, consistent string of my thoughts. Translating to I haven't written or thought of anything worth writing about in months. Sorry about that...

Winter. How I've missed you so. Hot chocolate by the fire, mistletoe and trips to the ice skating rink. Every romantic cliche in the books, provided to you by this snuggly, snowy season. Despite the below freezing temperature drop we've been experiencing lately, I adore this time of the year more than words can describe. Everyone can't help but be a little more jollier, a whole lot merrier, and overall, just excited for the snow and the holidays that follow.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'll be saddling up and going on the painful four hour drive through nothing but wheat fields and one lane roads at six in the morning. Destination? Spokane. My cousins are having our first 'big' thanksgiving get together, and so we thought we'd join the shenanigans. Let the karaoking begin.

I hope everyone has a fabulous 4 day weekend. I'll see you kitty cats back in class bright and early on Monday morning!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Mix 10/3

What you'd hear if you put on my headphones this week:
  • Every Road- The Maine
  • Simple Life- My Favorite Highway
  • Mother, Father- Journey
  • Why Georgia- John Mayer
  • Wasted- Cartel
  • Thistle and Weeds- Mumford and Sons
  • Back to Black- Amy Winehouse
  • Next 2 You- Chris Brown
  • Where I Stood- Missy Higgins
  • Badfish- Jack Johnson (cover)
Stay tuned for more awesome tunes by awesome people, written about by awesome me.

Young Life; You Were Made For This.

With the coming of the new school year, one of the bigger aspects of my life starts anew as well. Young Life starts. If you're unfamiliar with or haven't grown up around Young Life, it's pretty much just a big high school youth group, but without the direct coralation to God or the Christian faith. So basically it's where all high schoolers from Skyline (or wherever you go) can get together for an hour, play games, win prizes, sing songs and laugh until you're crying hysterically, then wind down for a few minutes and just get real with each other.
Let's be honest here, when do we as random high school students, ever really get asked "HOW ARE YOU?", and someone actually wanting to know our genuine answer? The answer is usually not a lot. But here, the leaders make you feel included. Accepted. It's such an overwhelmingly positive environment that I don't know what I would do without. I started in sixth grade at Wyldlife, the middle school sector of Young Life. And now, 7 years later, I'm in charge of leading a group of middle school girls at Wyldlife, as well as being a student leader at Young Life. I just want to give back as much as I can. Because contrary to what you believe, and I'm not here to shove religion down your throat- but God is so good. I hope you can see that. Unfortunately in our society there are a lot of people with extreme views on controversial topics like that. It's either you're extremely conservative, or extremely atheist. I'm neither. In fact, when it comes to religion, there's a lot of stuff I'd rather not have to deal with. I just can't imagine my God discriminating against people based on their sex, gender, or sexual orientation. He created them that way, and loves us all equally. But if I start talking about this, I might go off on a tangent.


If you want more information, I'd be more than ecstatic to talk to you about any questions you have!

Set Fire to the Rain

Living in Washington, you don't get any pity for complaining about the dreary atmosphere that inhabits all of your surroundings for 3/4 of the year. You just don't get it. I won't feel sorry for you; in fact, I'll just laugh at you from behind the safety of my black winter North Face.
I'm not saying this to make you feel bad, or even to change your approach to the situation. I'm just letting you know how I, and most of the people who have lived here for quite some time, will handle our responses. And it goes a little something like this, "Shut up".
Yes, yes, it does get rather blustery around this time of year, and as fall claims top priority, so does the terrential downpour of rain. It's almost as if someone is sitting up on those dark ominous clouds, pouring buckets of water on our tiny disheveled bodies, just for the heck of it. At least it's a nice visual.
Thankfully I got my mom's cold blooded genes (sarcasm much), which means whatever weather, I feel the extreme of it. So when it's freezing out like it is today, there's nothing I want more than to snuggle up in my bed with ten layers of clothes on and hot chocolate. If I were to do that everytime I was cold however, I would never move. The term 'bedhead' would turn literal in my case.
Look at me complaining! I need to stop that. The whole purpose of this entry was to just say bring on the hail, the storms and the wind, I'll be here all year!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Music Mix 9/20

Looking for some new music? Look no further, look these up and your life shall be complete.
  • Skinny- Pegasus Bridge
  • This City- Patrick Stump ft. Lupe Fiasco
  • Satellites- September
  • Toes- Lights
  • One in the Same- Cady Groves
  • Stomach Tied In Knots- Sleeping With Sirens
  • Set Fire to the Rain- Adele
  • Loverboy- You Me at Six
  • Cough Syrup- Young Body the Giant

Are you a Badfish, too?

Watching September come and go so quickly is a testament to how quickly this year will surely fly by. Senior year, I can't believe you're actually here. 4 years ago, I was a freshman, frantically worrying about being mobbed by the gigantuous upperclassmen. And now I'm one of them. Where did the time go?

 I vividly remember every detail from my first day of 2nd grade. The day my brother was born.  Sophomore orientation; the first day at Skyline High School. Moving to the plateau. The first time I stepped onto the Berkeley campus. Memories I won't soon forget, as time whisks right past. The point is, I need to stop letting time take advantage of me, and live in each moment. Next year, I won't be here. I'll be far away. Guarentees that most of my friends I may never see again. So why don't I start now...and make it count.